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NOTICE:  TEACHERS AND GROUP LEADERS!!  If you scheduled a hayride/tour between 9/17/15 and 9/24/15, and have not received a confirmation from me, PLEASE RE-SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST!  We had a temporary issue with the “submit” key not working!  Please pass this message on to co-workers or friends who may have tried to book with us.  Thank you and SO VERY SORRY for the inconvenience.   Cari


Golden Delicious Apples

Red Delicious Apples

Gala Apples

MacIntosh Apples

Golden Supreme Apples

Spartan Apples

Jonagold, Jonamac and Jonathan Apples

Bags of Apple Pie Mix Apples (a wonderful baking variety all in one bag!)

1st Cutting Hay

Fresh Pressed Apple Cider & Apple Cider Slush

Fresh Donuts – Vanilla, Apple & Pumpkin

Homemade Pies

Homemade Muffins & More!


Corn Shocks



Asparagus – Mid May harvest begins, lasts 3-4 weeks
Strawberries – Mid June harvest begins, lasts about 3 weeks

Spring is the time to plant new trees or move existing trees within your landscape. With a 46” Dutchman Tree Spade, we can make short work of this overwhelming job!

Rent the spade and operator for one tree, or by the day. Call for more information and rates.


Raspberries – Early July harvest begins
Blueberries – Mid July harvest begins, can last into September weather permitting
Dark, Sweet Cherries – Mid July harvest begins
Tart Pie Cherries – Early August harvest begins
Peaches – Mid August harvest begins
Apples – Early varieties start to come in mid August and different varieties continue through early November
Plums – Late August harvest begins

Every August we have a huge Frozen Food Sale. It includes many varieties of Michigan frozen fruit vegetables as well.

This sale is by cases only. (A case generally is 4 – 2.5 lb. bags, or a total of 10 lbs. of each variety ordered.) Fruits and vegetables are individually quick frozen and bags are resealable so they are easy to use! If the quantity is too much for you, think about ordering with a friend or relative!

An on online form will be available when it is time to order. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified.



Farm Market

Our farm market is open until December 31st every year. We offer all fresh Michigan fruits as they come into season. We have a wide variety of made in Michigan products as well as some from our neighboring states! Here is just a partial list of what you can expect to find:

Fresh Fruit (in season)
Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh Pressed Apple Cider (in season)
Apple Cider Slush (in season)
Honey (a great selection of flavors and sizes to choose from)
Syrups: Michigan Maple/Flavored/Sugar Free/No Sugar Added
Blueberry Wafflecone Ice Cream made with Montrose Orchards Blueberries (in season)
Jams, Jellies & Preserves
Jars of Salad Dressings, Grilling Sauces & Condiments
Emu Products
Natural Tart Cherry Juice & Cherry Juice Concentrate
Selection of Handmade Crafts by Local Artisans
Unique Gift items & Lots of Fun Seasonal Items